New features

We’ve made some upgrades to V9. Some things have changed, others are brand new. All of our buttons have remained the same – they are now just up in the top menu.
Get up to date on what else is new below.

New Interface

We have updated this version of SILQ to provide you with a new interface. The new menu has been to designed to mimic what you have within Microsoft Word, Outlook etc. The mini buttons & right-hand side navigation have been moved to the top section of the menu bar, which means you can more readily access each and every option SILQ has to offer.

Simpler Matters

Our new interface lets you do most things for your matter directly from the matters menu at the top. You can quickly and easily access time entries directly for that matter, invoice all WIP, open your matter folder and even start an infotrack search that will pre-populate infotrack with that matters information – no second step required. Just some of the many ways our new interface saves you even more time.

Readily Accessible Tools

We’ve moved the tools section to become extra’s within each tab. Based on user feedback, we wanted to make the tools as easily accessible as possible and cut down the number of click’s taken to access each tool. The new set-up means that it is only one step to access tools such as instant invoice, new timer, infortrack searching and many more

Open Tabs

Tabs now open up under the menu. We’ve also configured the new interface to allow the menu tabs to change depending what screen you are in. For example, if you start on the matters screen, and then move to the time and billing screen, the menu options will change to the time and billing options – giving you everything you need at the click of a button.

Quick Access

We’ve created a quick access bar that can be placed on the left hand side (as seen in the image above) or right hand side. SILQ is completely customisable to make it as productive for you as possible. Some clients love it, and others don’t. If you don’t, that’s OK. Just turn it off and you won’t see it again. Whatever works for you.


Version 9 makes accessing your reports even easier. Rather than having a dropdown of each report, we now have a dedicated reports section giving you quick and easy access to each report. SILQ has a number of reports including Trust Reports, management reports and fee earner reports. Saving you time when making key management & financial decisions regarding your firm.

Duplicate Entries

SILQ allows you to quickly and easily duplicate a number of entries including time entries. This is a valuable feature in a number of instances – for example. If you have been at court for 5 days, you create the entry for the first day and duplicate it for the remaining days. The duplicate feature can also be found with matters, saving you time and making you more money.


SILQ is completely customisable, so much so that we have a dedicated tab that allows you to quickly and easily make changes to the way SILQ looks. You can change the height, decide whether you want to see graphs in the top menu bar, change the font & text size, and even chose which window you would like SILQ to load in. We want you to make it completely yours.

Create in the Cloud

Version 9 brings with it the much anticipated cloud access option. We have designed this in a way that gives you the power of a desktop, and the flexibility of the cloud. This means that whilst working on a desktop or laptop, you can access our powerful desktop software. Our cloud access means that you can change computers as you please – maybe finish up some work from home. At any other time you can access all of your SILQ data on the go with your tablet or mobile.

Integrate With Xero

Our Xero integration means that your data is sent directly to Xero from SILQ which eliminates double entry of invoices & expenses already processed trhough SILQ. The integration also allows your accountant to have access to financials without having access to sensitive matter information. In order to integrate SILQ with your Xero account, please have your Xero login information handy and give our support line a call on 1300 55 66 89 and we will set it up for you.