Chronology Software

Our legal chronology software helps you manage facts, dates, witnesses, and documents to ensure complete discovery. Which facts are disputed? Which still need sources that will be acceptable in court? A chronology is a communication aid. Our chronology tool makes it easy for everyone on the trial team to share case knowledge.

Memorisation is a job for your software…

Our legal chronology software as part of SILQ allows you to put each series of events in the exact order that they happened. In word or excel, mixed date formats can make it difficult to have everything in order. SILQ allows you to put date ranges, specific dates and even exact times. Search & filter when needed. Print chronologies out in an easy to read format.

Assemble case facts

Rather than printing a chronology that lists every case fact, print ones that contain just those facts that are particularly important; that bear on a particular case issue; that mention a particular witness; that are particularly good or bad; that come from a particular source document; or that others entered into the chronology while you were working on another matter.

Ensure accuracy

Take copies of the initial chronology to your client & use them to clear up any misconceptions. Do the facts reflect your client’s view of the case? Can your client supply missing dates? Can your client indicate which potential witnesses & documents might be sources? Use the chronology to focus your client on potential sins of omission. Is your client aware of any facts that don’t appear in the chronology?

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