Invoicing & Rates

SILQ’s effective invoicing and rates & charges software gives you a snapshot over your entire practice. Track billable hours, invoice instantly in batches & reduce the risk of errors with rate & invoice templates

Automated Invoicing

SILQ automates all your invoicing within 1 easy step. The invoice template is set within our software and auto-populated, converted to PDF and attached to the email all with the click of one button, saving you time and making you more money.

Intuitive Rates & Charges

SILQ allows you to enter your own set of standard rates, giving you a range of options including, rates per fee earner, matter or client. Enter once, and use for each matter as and when relevant with the click of a button.

Efficient & Error Free

SILQ has already created templates and gives you the tools to customise those templates, reducing the amount of repetitive manual data entry per invoice, increasing efficiency, saving you time, and reducing the amount of possible errors. If you need different invoice templates for different situations SILQ can handle that too.

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