Integrated Legal Searches

We have integrated SILQ software with infotrack to allow you to auto-populate and order all of your searches directly from within the matter. SILQ even captures all of your cost recoveries, automatically uploaded to client invoices.

Increase Efficiency

Our Infotrack integration allows you to order searches directly from the matter within SILQ. A range of information, including matter reference, address and title reference is automatically pre-populated from SILQ into search fields. The completed search results are returned directly back to the relevant matter in SILQ. Cost recoveries are automatically captured on the client ledger in SILQ in real-time.

Save Time & Money

Our integration with Infotrack saves you 40%* in time when ordering searches. Avoid disbursement write-ups with real time cost recovery; avoid manual bookkeeping entries; Infotrack gives you the fastest certificate and search return in the industry.


Through our integration with InfoTrack our system now includes electronic settlement through PEXA. You can create, launch and manage your PEXA workspaces in InfoTrack with all of your property matter information mapped directly into the workspace. You can complete the process digitally to avoid the hassle of printing, collating, scanning and posting, and there is no need to rely on couriers and settlement agents to get the job done. Plus SILQ feeds your client information through to avoid re-keying.


*compared to other, non-integrated searching providers as stated by InfoTrack clients.

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