Email & Document Tracking

Save all of your emails & documents to the correct matter, allowing you to manage your files more efficiently.

Email Tracking

SILQ seamlessly integrates with Microsoft outlook, allowing all email correspondence sent about your matter to be standardised and tracked. Each staff member can access the most up to date correspondence at any point.

Record Your Time

You are able to automatically record your time spent on all email correspondence, creating billable hours directly from this administrative work. You can record and work on your emails simultaneously, and the time recording will automatically be updated on the clients invoice based on the rate you have specified.

Track your documents

SILQ allows you to save the documents that have been emailed to you directly to each matter so that you can track and find the document you are looking for quickly and easily. Our in-built automation means that you are able to reduce errors by pre-populating document templates with the information you have already input, saving you time and money.

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